Fight Camp is for keen boxers who want to compete and can commit to an extremely intensive 10-week Boxing Fight Camp Programme. To take part on the home card of the Fight Camp, you must be a Member at Port O’ Leith Boxing Gym for at least one month prior to the Fight Camp, and for the duration of the Fight Camp.

Do I need any experience?

A minimum of 6 months boxing experience is necessary, along with a high level of fitness and motivation. Fight and sparring experience are not required; however, each participant must be prepared and willing for plenty of competitive sparring during the camp.

What is involved in the Fight Camp?

The Camp consists of 3 boxing training sessions a week for 10 weeks, and each fighter will be given a training programme to commit to whilst outside of the sessions. Extra sparring sessions will be added towards the end of camp. The first half of the programme focuses on moving sharply around the ring, a solid defence, throwing the basic punches effectively, and pushing current fitness levels to the optimum. The second half of the programme focuses on slowly introducing sparring, homing in on defence skills, and improving your ring fitness. As the fight draws closer, sparring increases in intensity ensuring everyone is ready for the big night.

What does the Fight Camp include?

The Camp Includes:

  • 30 x 1hr Fight Camp Classes
  • Strength and Conditioning Programme
  • One-to-one consultations throughout
  • Nutrition advice
  • Opportunity to fight at a Train2Fight UK Ltd event
  • Experienced corner team

All participants are required to sell either 1 table or 20 General Administration tickets.

Are there any assessments?

There is a compulsory assessment and briefing prior to signing up to assess current fitness and ability levels. Weight is recorded and a target weight agreed (never more than 8kg under current weight). Weight is closely monitored throughout the 10 weeks.

What happens at the end of the Fight Camp?

The pinnacle of this programme is a Boxing Show run by Train2Fight UK. Each participant demonstrates their boxing skills in a 3 × 2minute bout in front spectators, consisting of friends, family, and colleagues. Opponents are chosen by us from another gym, matching weight, fitness, and ability levels.

Why commit to a Fight Camp?

The Fight Camp is the only way to learn and improve boxing skills for fighting. The intensity of the programme really pushes participants to their limits and the rewards are incredible. The camp attracts a diverse mix of men and women. For some, participation is simply grounded in loving the sport and the desire to fight and win titles. For many, participation is about facing a new challenge, a confidence boost.

All you need to worry about is giving the best performance you can, and having your arm raised at the end of the fight!