Fight Nights

At Train2Fight, we make sure we choose the most dynamic venues in the country to host your big night! At the event, Fighters compete in 3 x 2-minute, 50/50 bouts – matching each fighter’s weight, experience, and ability levels. All Fighters will have done the training, so all the fights will have you on the edge of your seat!

You will enjoy a fully stocked bar, great food, and an electrifying atmosphere at a top sport entertainment venue in the country. As we all know, nothing quite compares to a big fight night and at Train2Fight we are committed to give you the most compelling nights out! Revel in the excitement as you watch friend, foe or a stranger take on one of the biggest challenges of their life!

We offer a brilliant VIP package, bringing you up close and personal to the action with your ringside table seats. Enjoy the hospitality with a welcome drink, food and wine… and sit back and watch the drama unfold!